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Trials Reloaded


The latest frontier in motocross xtreme trials racing games, Trials Reloaded brings you awesome graphics and unique gameplay to an already popular motocross racing genre. Choose your trials motorcycle and then select your level to begin. Ride your motocross bike to perform stunts, time your jumps and land them just right to gain the edge so you can finish each level with the fastest time possible then submit your score to see where you rank on the global leaderboards to become a bike racing legend! With xtreme motocross stunts and taking your bike to insane speed you'll need to develop your trials skills to become the best! Plenty of tracks and always more being added, enjoy the feeling of the race and the power of the bike. FEATURES ★ Motorcycle select, to customize your game play experience ★ Intuitive touch controls, to help react in extreme motorcycle trials racing moments ★ Amazing xtreme physics that bring life to the sport ★ GLOBAL LEADER BOARDS for each level to show if you really are a motorcycle trials racing master! CONTROLS ★ Press & Hold the Acceleration Pedal to go super fast! ★ Press & Hold the Break Pedal to slow down or become stationary. ★ Use the left and right arrows to tilt your motorcycle